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By karen j. on Sep 5, 2021

great Staff is very helpful and pleasant.
in and out on time

By Rick L. on May 7, 2021


By Stephanie M. on May 2, 2018

We love Igel. Staff is always professional. Dr. Igel understands our time is important and appointments are on time. We never leave questions what is next!! I have recommended and will continue to recommend Igel to friends and family!!

By Angela T. on Mar 16, 2018

My daughter Samantha Love's coming to see Dr igel.

By Angela T. on Mar 10, 2018

My daughter Samantha Love's Dr igel she said he is the best.

By Adrielle L. on Nov 22, 2017

I really enjoy going to Igel Orthodontics! The staff is really friendly and professional! I love the atmosphere and the building! Keep up the great work!

By Shonia S. on Nov 15, 2017

We have always had great experience with Dr Igel and staff, both my children have braces and one is on phase two and her first set was on for about 11 months which made the necessary adjustments and now since her teeth moved she’s ready for the lstbgo round and I really wouldn’t want to be at any other Orthodontist for my family!!!

By Patient on Aug 31, 2017

Very professional, we were in and out before his actual appointment time!!

By Alice W. on Aug 13, 2017

We love Dr. Igel and are very happy to have found him. Our one big 'con' is availability of appointments. My daughter (your patient) has various learning disorders and ADHD - she can not miss school! I understand that your after school times are the busiest, but I can not pull her out during the day. It negatively effects everything at school and home. After our last appointment, our next appointment was to be scheduled two months out. I called the next day to schedule it. All Friday's you are closed, which would have been an excellent day for the one day of the month she is out 1 hour early. Our next option is Thursday. You are closed THREE Thursday's in October. Tuesday's she has club after school, and Wednesday's she meets with a tutor after school. That leaves Monday, which is the one day mom has a weekly appointment. This puts her next appointment into November, which happens to be the day of her school conference, so I really don't even know yet if that appointment time will work, as I don't have a conference time yet. As I said, we LOVE Dr. Igel. But this scheduling is a nightmare.

By Kimberly on Aug 11, 2017

Great experience! We would highly recommend Igle Orthodontics to everyone!! Very professional, clean, and thorough!! Very calm and relaxing experience! Very informative, every question we had was answered before we ever left the office. One key part was they talked to our daughter and put the primary responsibility on her instead of us. They explained it to her in front of us again so we knew everything also but made sure that she knew it was her responsibility to follow the rules and to take care of her teeth. They explained the consequences of not following the rules and explained all the advantages to following the rules!! Very very informative!! It has been a great experience and I have full confidence that it will continue to be one throughout her treatment. Thank you!!

By Elijah W. on Jul 22, 2017

It was a great visit with nice staff members. Making good progress and I enjoy my dental care.

Thank you

By Emerson C. on Jul 16, 2017

I think IGEL is a great place to go to get braces and retainer. Because it dose help you and all the workers are very nice. And help and ask you many questions about your mouth. Also many other things that IGEL is great about. I could go on and on about IGEL.

By Skylar w. on Jun 12, 2017

Happy about my braces tightens the rubber bands did hurt but didn't anymore

By Jodi S. on Apr 19, 2017

Always friendly staff and Dr Igel is the BEST!!